WYWY, Lambak.

I’m only keen on showing off my photos here. 🙂

Roti kawin singapore; I would like to believe they had peanut butter, kaya and cheese on it. What’s that shiny thing? 😀


Prego Mauri, Kuala Belait.

This is something interesting. This place is said (by a friend whose story i’m gonna trust) to be opened by 3 Italian brothers; one in each branch. I was quite doubtful because the chef who recommended us his squid ink pasta sounded more to the English side to me.

Now I won’t start off telling you how much of an Italian food fan I am because I don’t think I am. But I have actually fallen in love with Italy after reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “eat, pray & love”, so im willing to learn…
A friend of mine has been extremely excited about their Tiramisu there. We decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday there, but sadly they had no Tiramisu on that day.

We had these complimentary crispy, salty, garlic crackers( i dont know what you call them) served along with a delicious cheesy dip. They sure are tasty.

and of course I HAD to try their $5.50 latte! I love Italian coffee but this taste didn’t really amaze me, I was straining my eyeballs just to have a look at the brand of coffee beans they used but I still have no idea. This one doesn’t taste like Lavazza.

First came the pizzas…

Seafood pizza.

Mushroom pizza.

Then came the pastas…

Seafood linguini.

The woman speading some black pepper love onto our eggplant pasta.

Honestly I wish they used fresher seafood in their dish. Its sad how the taste of the tomato sauce in the pasta was dominated by the smell of their not-so-fresh seafood. The prawns were powdery in texture and I was having second thoughts of putting those mussels into my mouth.

Then came DESSERTS!!!!!!!

Banana split.

Panna cotta with caramel sauce;  Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin, and letting it cool until set.

I have no idea what this was called but I asure you that it was/is my favourite. These are basically simple scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream ( i doubt that they are gelato) covered in chocolate powder. The  rich, dark and bitter chocolate powder was the real star in this dish, it gave a good contrast to the sweet ice-cream. I love it! 🙂 😀

My friends were going nuts over this dessert. It’s called the Fantasia De Mauri (excuse my spelling). It is basically a molten lava cake so of course you should expect yourself to be digging into a goey, chocolatey centre. This was abit too sweet for my liking, we all agreed that it would taste better if it had more of the bittermess of the chocolate in it. Btw, served with vanilla ice-cream! 🙂

The chef was friendly, the waitress served us well. It was interesting to see a white waitress serving us food for a change, something I should get used to. We loved the food and the environment. 🙂

Coconut Grove, Menglait.

I miss my city life. I miss staying over on Fridays, I miss driving around hunting for good food and getting lost.
Both hungry, both stressed from revision, both desperate for a good breakfast. Amazingly it was nearly impossible to find a good old, open aired Chinese coffee shop in Bandar. Coconut Grove was the best breakfast experience we had, not surprisingly owned by a KB family, and of course you should know that makes me very proud. 😀

Their kolo mee really caught our attentions mainly because it smelled like the ones we used to have in the old Seria stalls when we were little. Something about the taste and smell brought us back to the old days.

Champion 7 Family Day.

The day we got to feast the champion 7 style!
So we went there early withour breakfast just to be greeted with this scene!

Starting off with teh tarik and nasi lemak for breakfast would draw a smile on anyones moody face, especially when the teh tarik was excellent. I didn’t expect myself having 3 cups of teh tarik later that day.

But that’s not it… 🙂

got bingka susu..

got egg sandwich..

got pulut panggang..

got watermelon..

Some people bother!

And of course just to obey the food pyramid…

Honestly I think the person who made this salad was in a HUGE confusion. It somehow reminded me of a mix of potato salad and fruit salad. I don’t know if looks can be deceiving but I for sure dont wanna contemplate on that here.

the real reason why everyone turned up at OGDC was not because of the nasi lemak of course…well at least not my family! 😀

After 16 days of my on and off vegan fast you should know this is too much, but I ain’t companing… 🙂

and yes that lunch…here comes tea time! 🙂

got prawn fritters…

got curry puffs, beef or chicken…

So i’d like to believe that this is practically how they eat everyday off shore (minus the barbeque). It honestly scares me. But i must say it was really fun!

Mashor sure had us fooled with the Mum’s knife on.

Plus they had a few boxes of Kingston ice-cream on  the table for the ‘KIDS’ to dig into, and I can tell you that it was a pretty hot day! 🙂

Verbal hangover

After a wake up call (literally) from a friend and 6 hours of sleep im now here sitting at my table with a cup of rich, black coffee pouring my words from my pretty, little overused mind. I woke up with a verbal hangover to the “i love you…cross over…” on my MSN nick. Infact I don’t really know who I meant that for.

Those, I believe are not the only words I used on someone. I might have said more, in fact, I might have said too much. Well, i’ll put the blame on you Mr.Mayer.
It’s sad how those words only can evaporate into the thin airs of the virtual world we live in.
Well yesterday, I made a promise to someone. I don’t know if I was trying hard to sound romantic, perhaps I was, but it sure was nice to share beautiful words with someone who loves adores you. Wait, you really do right?
It was nice how I had someone to contemplate on the word ‘bends’ from the sentence “I’ll be around the bends”. It was beautiful how stained white shirts broke two hearts and a cup of black coffee could warm up two souls. It was strange how we started reading minds over a virtual wondow.

I’ll just watch your life play out in pictures from afar

“Wherever I go, whatever I do. I wonder where I am in my relationship to you. Wherever you go, whatever you are. I”ll watch you life play out in pictures from afar. I’ll watch that pretty life play out in pictures from afar…”
Wherever I go, John Mayer.

it’s all about the wordplay

Dear blog,
I’ve been chatting to someone I met recently for sometime now and it amazes me how she makes me realise how bad my English is.
I mean i’ve always had a thing for idioms. I like the idea of speaking English in privacy where not everyone would be able to understand you…well at least not with an excuse that I have a thick Indian accent. For you information, I like to believe i’m not too heavy on the Indian side when it comes to that. I love how it poetically plays with your English understanding. In fact I love flaunting them on my MSN nicks and of course to that one person I’ve been dying to inbox “Stealing gold from the silver you see eh?” and leave her all baffled up with what I was trying to tell her…well if she is even bothered. Wait, why are we talking about her again?
So right, Nicky has been playing idiom games with me for a few days now and i’ve been intimidated ever since. There were times I felt like bring my idiom dictionary along to MSN.
“you just burst my Shane bubble”
“come on….cut me some slack”
“Had my lawyers head for breakfast”
“something about you that got under my skin”
“i cant ever sing for a penny….”

Well these are just the few examples of alien sentences she’s been bombarding me with, I have no good/bad habit of auto saving my MSN conversations simply because clearing up the junk is annoying! As for me i’m enjoying all the chats i’ve been having with this interesting Sinhalese woman, many more idioms to look forward to.